We Need Experienced Resources to Help Craft Parts of Our Start-Up

The fresh Swiss start-up Profila is a Privacy-by-Design brand relationship platform aiming to enlighten consumers and put them in control of their personal data with the brands they know. The new company is currently offering several opportunities for strategic volunteering. In May, Profila welcomed Sumati, their first SIVO strategic volunteer. Luke Bragg, Product (CPO), tells us more about Profila’s motivation to join SIVO’s programme answering a few questions.

Why did you decide to partner with SIVO for its Strategic Volunteering programme?
I knew about SIVO from my own volunteer work with the LiLi Centre. I knew there were many talented international residents in the area who had difficulties finding career opportunities in their field. When I started working with a local start-up I know that SIVO could be a great resource for us; we need reduced but experienced resources to help craft parts of our small organization while offering substantial work packages and experience in return.

How is Sumati helping Profila?
We had a defined role for the strategic volunteer position that Sumati was selected for. But very quickly we learned how much more she could do for our organization. Sumati quickly became a thought-leader in our organization and help develop both an improved marketing strategy but also a framework for building our client base and partner network. Recently we asked Sumati to join Profila in a more official capacity to help us drive our organization forward.

What is the biggest advantage for you for having a strategic volunteer onboard?
At the end of the day, a SIVO strategic volunteer is a highly motivated and experienced person who wants to make an impact and jump-start their career. What a wonderful resource for a lean start-up to have!

Find out more about Profila here.

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