I Was Looking for Opportunities to Get Back in the Workforce

Half a year ago, Sumati Mattu joined Profila AG as a strategic volunteer to support the local start-up in developing their marketing strategy. Bringing years of versatile spot-on experience, she quickly started adding value to the company and became an integral part of the team. We are happy to present you Sumati, SIVO’s first strategic volunteer who was offered a job following her volunteering experience!

Who is Sumati?
I am a marketing leader with 20 years of crafting brands across CPG/ FMCG, Retail, EComm and Media. I specialise in consumer-centric strategy and innovation. 

Why did you choose strategic volunteering?
I was looking for opportunities to get back in the workforce since my relocation to Zürich. The strategic volunteering option with SIVO seemed like a good way to explore projects that would allow me to apply my skills as well as offer an opportunity to learn new ones. 

How are you helping Profila?
My work with Profila involves leading their brand building through marketing planning and activities.

What do you expect to gain from your strategic volunteering experience?
I hope to be able to make a difference to the projects I am involved with in taking them a step forward in their journeys while I get the opportunity to both apply my skill set in a new context as well as learn new ones. Profila is one of the three projects I am currently involved with, so my plate is full and my brain is thankful for the stretch 🙂

Find out more about Profila’s work here.

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