Why Hochschule Luzern Said YES to SIVO’s Strategic Volunteering Programme

SIVO Interview
March 30, 2017

Interview with Dr. David Griesbach, part-time lecturer at Hochschule Luzern and managing consultant at Griesbach Consulting GmbH. His team of coaches at the Business School welcomed our strategic volunteers Andrea and Jocelyn as co-coaches helping teams of Master students to work on real-life business cases as consultants.

1. Why did you decide to support our Strategic Volunteering programme by offering two coaching positions to our volunteers?

I really like to help breaking up traditional, usually quite narrow worldviews of what kind of people and work-life-models will be the best option in the job market. Even though I prefer women and men staying in the job market while raising their families, I also want to help women and men getting back to the business world after having taken a family break. In the end, the basic conditions should allow everybody to choose the most suitable model. And we are not yet there. At least in Switzerland. But SIVO offers a very interesting programme to help the “break-ones” get back to the business world.

2. Andrea and Jocelyn have strong working background in international environment. How will they support your team?

Student groups will have to acquire small and medium enterprises in order to consult them on a specific topic. While there is a main coach of the University, Andrea and Jocelyn will help the groups with specific knowledge based on their working background and also provide second opinions for the consulting process and results.

3. What do you expect your team and the business students to get from working with Andrea and Jocelyn?

On the one hand, the students will be able to improve their consulting abilities and the impact for the clients. On the other hand, Andrea and Jocelyn will for sure bring in an international and more broad view on how to tackle such problems.

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