This guide is designed to help international residents understand how to engage in volunteer opportunities in Luzern. It includes a comprehensive list of organisations needing volunteers and highlights key standard and legal requirements for volunteering. We hope this guide provides a good overview of the volunteer opportunities in Luzern.

How should you use this guide?  As indicated above, this guide is intended to provide you with basic information about where to find volunteer opportunities in Luzern.  After you have had a chance to review this guide, attend one of SIVO’s discussion meetings and start planning how to find the perfect volunteer job for you.

The specific rules and details of the volunteer job (”Freiwilligeneinsatz”) are worked out between the organisation involved and the volunteer.   SIVO’s primary role is that of facilitating the access to information and acting as a bridge between international residents and local organisations.


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Guide to Volunteering in Luzern