Working with People from All Over the World Is Enriching

In 2018, another local organisation trusted SIVO’s expertise in Strategic Volunteering – Luzern Tourismus AG, the competence centre for the positioning, market development, public relations and guest care of numerous partners delivering first-class services for the Lucerne – Lake Lucerne Region. Patrick Bisch who manages marketing activities for 18 countries as Head of Markets in Luzern Tourismus, shares how our strategic volunteer Melissa Wuillemin supported their team.

Why did you decide to support SIVO’s Strategic Volunteering Programme by offering a position to our volunteer? 
It was a perfect timing, as we were working on our new website and therefore needed help with content and translations. Moreover, we are always happy to give interns and apprentices a chance to make their first steps in the tourism industry. With Melissa we had a very experienced and truly helpful person.

How did Melissa support your team? 
Her main tasks were creating content, translations and implementing everything into our new website. She has done the work in a very proper and efficient way.

What are the key benefits for Luzern Tourismus from working with our strategic volunteer? 
We are used to working with people from all over the world in the tourism industry and because of that it was indeed an enrichment for the whole team. In this case it was also very helpful, though only for a limited time period, but in the very best timing of the project.

About SIVO’s Strategic Volunteering Programme
In 2016, Swiss International Volunteer Organisation (SIVO) introduced the concept of strategic volunteering in Lucerne region, and it is rapidly spreading. Focused on quality, we run a yearly programme where we place international residents into strategic volunteering positions. If you are interested in participating either as an organisation or as an individual in need of advice on how to best set up your volunteering opportunity, contact us at

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