SIVO & World Innovations Forum: Making the World a Better Place Together

A couple months ago in the warm September days, SIVO launched the second edition of its Strategic Volunteering Programme. For the past couple of months a group of talented professionals has been supporting World Innovations Forum’s team. Here is more about WIForum and how SIVO’s strategic volunteers help them to make the world a better place.

Why did you decide to partner with SIVO in its Strategic Volunteering programme?
Enabling a Global Exchange for Innovative Minds is our Mission. The World Innovations Forum envision a world where prosperity is possible for all nations by intensifying entrepreneurship locally with the goal to create more jobs and equality of prosperity across the world. To do so, we are creating structures and technology for a constant online and offline collaboration globally, aiming at doubling the startup success rate by 2035. It takes teamwork to make a dream work and a team of volunteers will help this entrepreneurs dream come true.
We partner with SIVO because the organization supports people to develop their careers, get back to the business world after a family break and gain professional confidence. While volunteers shares time and skillset with the WIForum, they can gain relevant experience, develop new skills and build a network that could later support to reach the desired career objective. Together we make the world a better place by creating new job opportunities and supporting the society by developing growing prosperity.

Who is helping you and how?
Xana Muñiz Vázquez assists the core team with the global Ambassadors Network Development, facilitating the connection between our organization and interested or potential Ambassadors.
Fernando Alonso and Gokce Balcik helps the core team with partner engagement and sponsorship development, individualizing relevant partners and connecting with them.
Felicia Nöreskar is responsible for producing email newsletter and helping spread the word in the global ecosystem.

How will WIForum and your team benefit from working with SIVO’s strategic volunteers?
SIVO is the bridge and the matching platform between Volunteers and our Organization. With SIVO, we found highly qualified and enthusiastic volunteers to develop our project and grow with a low-risk structure.

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